Women of Faith…You are Seen, Known, Free and Loved



It’s getting closer and excitement is beginning to fall through the air like confetti! This isn’t just any type of colorful confetti that you would just toss on a table for an ordinary party. No, this confetti is the kind that falls like rain at the most exciting moment you could imagine. Can’t you just hear it? It’s not the sound of a steady rain on a gloomy Fall day, but more like the sound of a Spring thunderstorm that you just know is about to bring on the colorful new growth of the most gorgeous flowers!

So what’s the excitement that’s brewing? It’s Women of Faith Conference, the Farewell Tour! I wish you could feel the chills that just ran a path right up my arms and straight to my toes as I typed those words!

Women of Faith, those three words alone are enough to cause the enemy to tremble in his rain boots! Having an arena full of these women is enough to make him run like the wind! The power of Christ running through a building holding thousands and thousands of women filled with the Holy Spirit, surrendering their hearts and lives to that power, and letting go in worship as they soak up every ounce of His truths and hearing that they are loved by Him, how could this not raise the roof in praise of the One and Only true King! That’s not the kind of roof raising the enemy likes to stick around for, that’s the kind that makes him flee!

The stories that will be told are stories that will go straight from the hearts of these women that God has specifically chosen and called to the crevices in the hearts of the women He has called to filled the seats. Each woman who takes her place in that arena is a daughter that has heard His whisper, the soft and gentle words, “Go Beautiful, I want you there.” I am a firm believer there are no coincidences in this life, every step is a divine appointment set up by our Master appointment maker, our Daddy who loves us beyond all imagination or comprehension.

Every girl wants to know she’s seen, she’s known, she’s free, and she’s loved. We may not realize when we’re little girls daydreaming about what we want to be when we grow up that our truest and deepest desire will be these four things, but they were born into our hearts from the moment our Creator shaped them. Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that before we were ever formed in the womb, He knew us. HE knew us! God has already orchestrated the perfect melody for our hearts through these that have been called to the platform to speak truth and encouragement into our hearts and lives. The Women of Faith Farewell Tour knows that when we know these things, it changes everything! Under the umbrella of that arena that God has appointed and anointed, He will be showering us with exactly what each of our uniquely designed hearts are waiting for.

Ladies, I’m not sure about you, but my heart is ready to feel everything in my life being changed again! Yes, Jesus Christ has changed everything in my life before, but because He knows me, He knows when my heart needs refreshed, recharged, and refueled. He knows when I need to be recalibrated. That’s why, sweet friends, I heard the whisper, “Go Beautiful, I want you there!”

Maybe you’ve heard His soft voice whisper to your heart, maybe you’ve listened, and maybe you haven’t, but can I just encourage you for a moment? If you are feeling His breath upon your heart, embrace it. There is no one who knows you deeper or more intimate than your Father. He knows what you need to hear, what you long to feel, and what battles you’ve been fighting. Draw near sister, He’s waiting to fill you in every way you’ll allow Him to.

Maybe I’ll see you there in a couple of weeks! I’ll be the blonde headed lady sitting in her chair wiping tears, laughing in joy, waving my hands in praise, and jumping up in worship of the One who brought me there just to tell me in one more way how He loves me! Oh, how He loves me and you!

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