Married Life: In Sickness and In Health…Part 1



I feel it’s only fair to say upfront that this isn’t one of those well crafted blog posts that places every word perfectly in its place, but I will say it’s honest and real.

As my heart recalled a day twenty-two years ago that changed my life forever it found itself reflecting. Reflections of a day where I said yes to the boy of my dreams who has since become the man of my dreams, the only one for me.

A girl, just sixteen years old, watched as this boy, just seventeen years old, confessed his love for me after only four and a half months of dating. He asked me one question, one simple question, or so I thought. He asked me to be his wife, forever. Now, let’s be honest, what could such a young girl know about love and a life together. Truthfully, I didn’t know much, but I did know that something felt different inside of me. I knew that I loved him in every way that I could understand love at this point. This young girl said yes as he placed the ring on my finger and we knew then our lives would be perfect!

On that cloudy September day just three years after our first date we stood before God, before our family and our friends and repeated our vows to one another. Candlelight beaming through the room, melodies of our memories being sung so beautifully by voices that seemed to express our hearts so well. Even in that moment I had no idea what I had said yes to years before or how my vows would truly take on a life of their own in the years to come.

In September 2014 what seemed to be an average medical issue sent my husband to the doctor and it has awakened in sickness and in health from a slumbering sleep. We had no idea what was taking place or where it would lead us in the coming days. For seventeen months now we have walked by faith in ways we never had to before. I have watched as this man who I am so in love with changed before my very lovesick eyes. I have watched him suffer, go from a heart so full of life to a body that seems to struggle to keep living. Fear has struck our hearts many times over as we couldn’t do anything but go from doctor to doctor with the hope of finding not only answers to our questions, but help. We knew our God was faithful and sovereign but being human, we still struggled to understand why. The amount of prayers that I know have went up to the Heavens was enough to flood the earth if He hadn’t promised He wouldn’t do that again. Even when the answers weren’t coming, we trusted, we kept praying, we recalled His background and how faithful He has been.

Today, we believe we finally have some sort of answer to go by, although we still don’t know what, how, when, or why. By God’s divine orchestration and blessings, we were led to a doctor that finally listened and not with the intent to spit fancy words back at us or names of diagnoses that meant nothing more than, “I really don’t know what’s wrong with you but at the risk of admitting that, you have….and here’s some prescription drugs I’m going to give you that will mask the symptoms enough to where you’ll just accept what I have to say and live the poorest quality of life you could ever imagine.” Run on sentence? Maybe, but definitely how we have felt this past year.

Do I fault the doctors? No, they didn’t know what it was for whatever reason and I’m not here to debate the many possible reasons why. Do I fault God? Absolutely not! He is mighty, sovereign, trustworthy, all-knowing, all-powerful, and nothing is impossible for Him. Whatever took place that day, it didn’t surprise Him. He knew it was coming. Do I ever wonder why this had to happen? Yes, everyday! I am human, and I am made of flesh and blood living in a world that can’t possibly comprehend many things.

No, it’s not cancer and I know things could be much worse. But for us, for what we’re facing, what has been sent our way is still difficult to deal with and walk through on any given day. We count our blessings that it’s not worse, that he’s still here. Counting those blessings and recounting all that we have to be grateful for is what has kept us going and not falling into an endless pit.

The doctor said it was a TIA, transient Ischemic Attack, also known as a mini stroke. It took place in the internal capsule of his brain. Something was floating through his bloodstream and blocked blood and oxygen flow to this portion of his brain for a period of time causing damage to the nerves. This has caused his brain to have electrical misfires affecting his entire left side of his body that has led to tremors, intense nerve and muscle pain, frequent falls, tingling, numbness, difficulty concentrating and focusing and many other issues. The doctor has said he believes he can get a thirty to fifty percent improvement out of therapy treatments for the next six months. Now, I know that my God can do anything if that’s what His perfect will desires. I appreciate the doctor, but I trust in my God.

Our lives have been imprinted with an image we couldn’t have thought possible as we repeated our vows to one another, “in sickness and in health”…{to be continued}

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