Love Letters: The Beginning of Our Song

A love song begins

Twenty seven years ago I entered into the most important relationship I would ever enter…

I remember so many people telling me Your name and where You came from. I heard all about Your family heritage, and the long road You traveled to meet me where I was standing. You seemed so unreal and like You could never be interested in me. But they still wanted to introduce us!

People spoke so highly of You. I heard numerous stories of the wonderful things You have accomplished. How could one person be all that I’m hearing? My mind and heart battled with the thought. Then the day came…

I remember it like no other, the day I finally met You. I could tell You were there because I recall feeling exactly what they told me I would. It started as a beautiful picture of love, You showed me what You had done for me. Our heart to heart told me You loved me. Me? How could this be? You asked me if I would trust and believe You, and I said yes! You lavished me in Your love.

The relationship was on fire for a while, at least until I felt like I kept messing up. I look back and see that I thought I couldn’t measure up. You deserved more in this relationship than I was giving. The ups and downs of life seemed to keep carrying me further and further away, yet You remained there waiting for me. Our relationship floated high and low tide for twenty years, and then the tide changed…

During the darkest times of my life when I felt incredibly alone, You showed me who and where You were. It was as if the fire that had been lit all those years ago was being flamed in the very pit of my soul. I was so overcome with regret, shame, guilt, and feelings of worthlessness that my eyes couldn’t see past the pain that my heart was feeling deep inside. I sat alone in my bedroom floor curled into a fetal position and cried uncontrollably.

Suddenly, a familiar feeling rushed through me as I encountered You like never before. Time froze as life entered me again. There I was face to floor having a soul to soul with the One who held me firmly as I rocked in agony. You told me You loved me, again, but this time it penetrated in places it didn’t before. You asked me if I would trust You with all of my life, and believe all the promises You have made me, and I said yes! My life was overwhelmed with Your Presence, and even as I write these words I feel a swarm of chills. To my astonishment, You really were interested in me, messy and flawed ol me!

What began as a beautiful picture of love at the age of 11 became a beautiful love affair at the age of 31, the day my love song began, the beginning of us! Some days I still can’t believe how amazing You truly are! You forgive me for every mess up and You always pick me back up. When I am feeling unloved, You encompass me with Your unfailing, never-ending love. When I’m having a bad day, You kiss me on the forehead with sweet tenderness. When I have a bad attitude, You straighten it out and set me back on course. When I cry, it’s You that wipes my tears. When I laugh, You rejoice with me. I never knew true love existed in such a pure form until I met You and experienced it for myself.

I never thought there would be a relationship that would stick through this life with me. I mean after all, I do know all of my flaws and imperfections so very well. The relationship wasn’t always first in my life and it wasn’t always where or how it should be. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, I’ve made some poor decisions and choices, and I’ve messed up more times than my poor hands can count.

But You have been the One person in my life that has never turned away from me, even on my worse days. You see me for who I am and love me anyway. You help me become a better person! You chose me! Me! Sometimes I like to just sit and immerse myself in the truth of Your love. You have stolen my heart, but then again, how can You steal something that You created for You?! Thank You for loving me, even the me that can’t seem to get it together on most days! You have changed me from the inside out!

Love Always,

Your Daughter who has never known love until You

P.S. to my readers:
Twenty seven years ago, I accepted love, and twenty years later I fell deeply in love with the One who gave everything for me. The life altering truth is, He’s in love with You just the same. He gave everything for you too! If you’ve never met Him, let me introduce you to the love of my life, Jesus Christ. He’s like no other, and He will change your life! Life may not always be easier, but it sure is sweeter all because of Him.

“This is real love–not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” ~1 John 4:10

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