Angie Beaver


Angie Beaver is a passionate speaker and writer that loves to lead women to the heart of God through His word and His divine daily appointments that He faithfully arranges for His daughters. Recently feeling the call on her life to writing and speaking in Women’s Ministry as well as full-time vocational ministry,  Angie has stepped out in faith to follow Christ wherever He may lead her with dreams of showing women there is hope in Him, no matter what they may be facing. Seeking to encourage women with the hope she has found in Christ through her own life struggles, she loves to take the hearts of her readers and listeners on a journey that leads them to seeing God where they never would imagine.

A recent Proverbs 31 She Speaks Graduate, Angie’s latest divine appointments led her to joining the staff full-time at her beloved home church, Charity Baptist Church in Kannapolis, North Carolina, where she also served as Women’s Ministry Director and loves to serve Christ and others with her Charity family through her gifts, talents, and abilities, as well as founding Day to Day Ministries, a new ministry that God is leading the way through. Angie makes her home in North Carolina where her greatest ministry is wife to her husband David and mom to her daughter, Carrie. She loves to write, blog, talk, sing loudly in her car, and look at everything through the lens of her camera.

The Just Me Bio:

I was just a girl when I asked Christ into my heart, and although I knew what I was saying yes to, I didn’t really know who I was saying yes to. Jesus Christ has changed my life from the inside out. Walking through the motions for years with the fleet of emotions that lit the fire at times, there was something missing. I never found what was missing until I found Jesus in my floor next to me when my life felt empty.

After an encounter with Christ, everything in my life changed! It was as if my eyes were opened for the first time. As we began our newly encountered life as a family, we were led to our home church, Charity Baptist Church, and God began a new path in our lives. Sitting under the most influential Pastoral Leadership we have ever sat under, God began speaking directly into our hearts. The messages we heard week after week we’re so life applicable and challenging that we were encouraged for the first time in years.

Over the next five years through many trials and storms, God has shown us who He really is and who His church is. In a series of orchestrated events and circumstances by God, He has led us on paths we never imagined. Feeling a call into full-time ministry, my heart said yes and though I don’t know what it all means just yet, I know the One I’m following now.

Living my day-to-day life as a wife, mom, daughter, employee, friend, and ministry leader, God so graciously reminds me often that He never asked me to get it perfect, but to put Him first and He will take care of the rest.

Learning to embrace my flaws, my mistakes, and my fears, I am encouraged daily by the presence of Christ in me. Where my weaknesses peak, His strength and grace overcomes. Releasing me from the expectation of perfection, He reminds me of my surrender and His might. Feeling like the girl who is always tripping over her own shoestrings, I’ve chosen to walk with my Daddy and follow where He leads me knowing and trusting that He will never leave me.

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