About Day to Day Ministries

Day to Day Ministries is a ministry born in the heart of one of God’s daughters. The birth of Day to Day came after a desire in the heart of its Founder that was transferred to heart of His Daughter through a burden and a passion. A burden for everyone to know there is hope in Jesus Christ no matter what they face, and a passion for them to see Him in every detail of day-to-day life.

We believe that when we encounter Jesus Christ, we are forever changed. When that day came for Angie in her bedroom floor, she realized she was not alone in her tear-stained carpet as she laid there face down, and that she had never been alone. She felt the presence of Christ so strongly that she couldn’t raise up from the floor untouched or unchanged. At the rock bottom of her life, she encountered Jesus in such an amazing way that she felt like she was breathing a new breath, and living a new life.

In the days ahead as she walked forward in the hope that she found in Christ through some of the darkest times of her life, she began looking for Him in every moment. As she looked for Him, she saw Him orchestrating every step and setting up divine appointments that not only brought her closer to Him, but that continued to change who she was at the very core.

From that day on, she had a burning in her soul to share with others what Jesus Christ has done for her and to lead them to His heart by sharing her story, and Day to Day Ministries was born.

At Day to Day, we believe that when we start looking for Christ in our day-to-day life we will see Him, and when we see Him, something changes inside of us! Life is no longer something we live through, but a divinely orchestrated series of events, conversations, and steps that lead us closer to the heart of God and His purpose for our life! With Him, everything has purpose, everything has meaning, and He uses it all to teach us, equip us, prepare us, and grow us for the glory of His Kingdom.

It is our vision to reach out to the world around us in any way that Christ opens the doors to share with them this message of hope. As He leads the way for Day to Day Ministries, our greatest desire is to follow Him. It is His purpose we seek to fulfill, it is His will that we seek to operate under, and it is His name that we seek to lift higher and make known. It is Christ alone that we seek to glorify through all that we do and say.

We would love to hear from you!