The Promise to 828



Sometimes there are paths we have to walk in life that {if we’re being honest, raw, and real} are just hard. The enemy, flesh and world tries so hard to get us caught up in why when God is there pulling our focus back on WHO.

The EFW {Enemy, Flesh, World} questions are endless; why is this happening to you, why do you deserve this, why is this happening now of all times, why can’t you catch a break, why you, why now? That’s where the EFW wants our focus, anywhere that takes our eyes off of WHO.

The WHO (Worthy Holy One – God) is right beside us drawing our focus back to Him. He knows He’s the answer to any and all questions, the only answer that brings hope, healing, health, possibility, and life.

God doesn’t make bad things happen in our lives, but if He allows it to touch our lives, He’s going to use it. When these situations come I like to remind myself that “He will 828 it.” What exactly does that mean? Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Regardless of what comes our way in life, God has made us a promise that for those who love Him, He will work all things together for good. What I love about that besides the hope those words breathe in me is the fact that it always results in His glory to the world around us!

I’m like an anxious child on Christmas morning awaiting the explosion of His glory through the darkest days of my life. He has shown me many times over that He likes to do things in our lives in such a way that leaves no doubt that it’s Him, and nothing of this world. Seeing Him move in such a way is the rainbow after my storm. It redeems my trials, it changes my heart, and shows those I love and care about who HE is.

When storms come, the sun is only hidden until it rolls through. Through. They’re not here to stay, they roll in and then out, continuing in time.

When we focus on WHO, He reminds our hearts of every single storm He has already brought us through safely. He fills the movie screen of our minds with an endless motion picture of every moment He’s been faithful to us. He fills our mouths with endless praise.

Whatever path you may be walking today, whatever storm you may be waiting on to roll through, and whatever valley you may be traveling, know this truth, God will 828 it! When the EFW asks why, tell them about WHO! Sing His endless praise, speak of His faithfulness, and stand in awe when the explosion of His glory bursts in the world around you knowing that you are His and you are loved!

Lord, life gets hard, the road gets long, the challenges threaten to swallow us, thank You for sustaining us. Draw our focus and our minds back to You and Your faithfulness. Fill our hearts with Your peace, a peace that can only come from You. Remind us again who You are, and reveal Yourself to us in a fresh encounter. We love You, Lord. ~ In Jesus Name, Amen.