I didn’t know what I would do if….But God


When things get dark in our lives, we see the light of Christ brighter than ever…

The times that I have said, “I wouldn’t know what I would do if”, was times I didn’t know the tremendous power of my God! Today I kneel saying, I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t have You God, because I know Your tremendous and awesome power!

A week ago was a year since my husband lost his job, and I stand completely amazed and astonished at God’s provision and protection! I’d like to say I knew what He was capable of before, but I feel like honestly, I didn’t. I knew nothing was impossible with Him {Matthew 19:26}, but He has truly shown us this last year that absolutely nothing is too hard for Him {Jeremiah 32:17}!

God has been so faithful to us in providing for our every need! He has sent His servants that have had such humbled and giving hearts and they reached out in compassion and blessed our family more times than we can count! Hands that I know didn’t have much to give reached out to us and gave! Our hearts have been humbled many times over this last year by such loving people who no doubt serves God selflessly!

We have talked recently about how we have felt like we were in the middle of a dark storm but yet we feel like we haven’t been touched. God’s protection has surrounded us so tightly that though we saw the clouds rolling over, we didn’t get wet or blown away! Every step of the way He has walked with us!

God’s hand has been continually extended into our lives and He has reached right in and provided every need in every way imaginable! Every need fulfilled, every meal provided for, every bill paid, and every moment in His Presence!

We know today more than ever that God is with us always. People have often asked how do you know the bible is true, and my answer is because our lives are living proof! His word has come alive in our lives in such a way that our hearts has not only seen His power, but has experienced it in a way that has changed us forever!

Our family has been through quite a bit the last few years, life and death more than once, health issues, depression, relational issues, dependencies met outside of God, job loss, and though all of them have rocked our world, they all led us to our Rock who has sustained us through it all! If we hadn’t experienced these trials, we would have never experienced Jesus Christ in such a life transforming way!

Yes, when things get dark in our lives, we see the light of Christ brighter than ever. Though we may not choose the storms we must ride out we wouldn’t change what we have seen, learned, and found in the process! Experiencing Christ the way we have through every trial is an experience that we wouldn’t trade for anything!

We know a job is coming for my husband! Our God hasn’t delayed because His timing is different from our timing! We believe with everything within us that God has been working this past year preparing the perfect job for my husband and when it’s all just the way He wants it, He will swing the doors open wide for His children!

We’ve seen too much of His faithfulness to doubt Him and we know we’re about it to see it even more than ever! He can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine and He has been faithful in showing us that as well! He has continually blessed us and we could never say thank you enough!

Until that job comes, we’re trusting our Faithful Father who has not left us, who has not forsaken us, who has great plans to give us hope and a future because we know that He works all things together for our good and His glory! He will continue to provide, and we will continue to serve, praise, and worship because no matter what He is worthy of every praise!

If you’re waiting on your miracle, don’t give up, He is faithful, trust Him!