I’m running to Your arms, catch me!

DSC_0001-001bw“For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” {Isaiah 41:13}

I can remember the look on my daughter’s face as she attempted to take her first steps, it was a look of fear yet excitement that something big was about to happen! As she stepped forward, she reached out for me because she somehow knew I would catch her if she fell, and she took off across the floor!

Just like God was there for the people of Israel, He is there for us! When we’re afraid to take that first step into something new and unknown, we can reach out to Him and He will take our right hand and help us!

We don’t have to let fear grip us because God has taken hold of us and with Him leading the way there is truly nothing to fear! When He calls us out, He will lead us safely through! We can know with all of our hearts just like my daughter did that God will not only catch us but hold us in His arms of refuge and safety!

Is God calling you out to something new and even though you are excited fear keeps stepping in the way? Can I just encourage you today to look past the fear and see God’s hand that He is holding out for you?! He is our Helper who never leaves us, and the One who sends fear running!

Lord, help us to see past the fear and see Your hand that You hold out for us. Help us to take off across the path that You have set out for us knowing that with You, something big is about to happen and it will be all for Your glory! In Jesus Name, Amen~


But God, that’s not what I want!

Gods way is greater“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” {Proverbs 16:9}

“But God, this is what I want, I want to do this, not that!” Those were the words that slipped from my heart and through my mouth as I didn’t get my way a few years ago with something I felt sure God had led me to.

Sometimes we’re so determined to have things our way, the way we feel like our lives should be that we completely miss that our Father has something greater for us! He knows the plans He has for us! Who better to carry them out than the very One who designed them and put them into motion?!

Looking back I can now see the beauty in stepping out of the way and letting God place me where He wants me! It was hard then, and my heart hurt, but God’s way and God’s plan will always be greater and more beautiful than anything that I can plan or try to carry out on my own!

There’s something so affirming in our hearts that roots us deeper in Christ when we see things take place in our lives that we know we had nothing to do with, and that it was all God! Seeing His fingerprints all over everything and knowing that He did this is one of the most in awe feelings I have ever experienced and I could have missed it by demanding my own way.

When God establishes our steps they take us to places we could have never imagined or dreamed up ourselves! It’s His placement that puts us where we were meant to be!

If you’re waiting on God’s plans right now, be encouraged that when everything comes together it will be just as God desires it to be, and it will be absolutely beautiful! He has purpose for you and your life that He specifically designed you for and He will establish your steps perfectly!

Lord, help us to trust in You completely knowing that You will establish our steps that lead us to Your plan for our lives, and help us to step out the way so that we can see Your beautiful and divine appointments that You are setting up for us! In Jesus Name, Amen~


Let the Water Fly…Just Keep Praising!

Just keep PraisingAt the age of three I was sitting on the side of a pool watching adults splash and it made me want to join the water flying fun! As I leaned slightly toward the water, I reached my little hand in to let water fly and just as I did, I fell in and began the fight to rise back up. Just as vividly in mind today as it was happening then, I can see myself peddling underneath trying to get my head above the water as I raised my arms trying to help lift myself up.

Even after I was rescued I have lived with the fear of being under the water so much that I have never learned to swim. These frightful memories come flooding back as I reflect on the last few years of our lives and the trials we have faced. As I was talking to a precious friend just the other day about the trials that she too was facing, the feeling of not being able to get my head above the water to breathe came rushing back to me.

As I stood there seeking to encourage her, I felt God’s encouragement nudge my heart. Even though we have been through many difficult times in what seems to be a constant battle to raise our heads above the water just to breathe, we have had more victories and celebrations that outshine them, and that’s in the midst of those very same trials!

Trials are very difficult, and test us to the very core, but they can also be rewarding and strengthening to our faith! I have to remind my flesh that without those difficult times, I wouldn’t have seen God’s hand at work so colorfully! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing Him move on our behalf, to feel His Presence ever so strongly, and to watch as He weaves these difficult moments into this beautiful tapestry of His story and plan for our lives!

A memory that God has prompted my heart to recall recently was this, after one of our trials were over, I distinctly recall feeling saddened, and I couldn’t understand why! But as I prayed, I felt Him say to me it was because I saw Him more vividly than I ever have. But why was that? I believe it was because things were happening all around me that I knew couldn’t be anyone but Him and my eyes were more open to see Him!

Sure, we have walked away with a lot of scars from every single one of those trials. But, with every scar there’s a story, a story that God needs told to some heart that just needs to hear about the hope that they, too, have because of what God has brought us through!

What God continues to remind me is even when we fall into the deep waters, we’re not alone! God is always there to lift not only our feet, but our head above the water and because He’s the one lifting us, our hands are free to be lifted in praise of Him!

God always has a lot to show us and it’s often in the midst of uncertain circumstances that we can see His hand move in ways we couldn’t in the greatest of circumstances! His hands are always moving, but we seem to be looking a little more intently during the not so certain times.

The last few years of continual trials have taught me that the best prayer isn’t always to get me out of these dark times, but better yet, help me to see You, God, through them! As we’re seeking Him, we just keep praising!

“But now, this is what the LORD says– he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” ~Isaiah 43:1-2