Don’t throw in the towel!

overcomerChallenges are inevitable! These are the words that I keep mumbling as I face what seems to be challenge after challenge recently.

It’s true, challenges are inevitable in this life, but the foundational truth that God keeps reminding me is that I am more than a conqueror in all these things through Him who loves me {Romans 8:37}! A conqueror is one who overcomes, and we have the One who overcame in us!

Sure, the challenges become frustrations, especially when it’s the same ones over and over, but each one comes with a fresh opportunity to learn something about who my God is and who I am in Him. When I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, He always reminds me that I can keep going, that I can keep fighting, and that He will bring me through it, victoriously!

At times, the other side may seem like a far away distance that can never be reached, but it’s then He steps in and gives my eyes and my heart a new vision of what the other side will look like if I just keep trusting Him. I knew from the beginning of the journey that there would be obstacles to overcome and hurdles to jump. The moment my heart surrendered to God’s will I remember hearing His voice tell me it wouldn’t be easy and that the enemy would be ready to fight ever so aggressively. However, the words that He spoke to me next have forever been etched into my heart with a weight that has left an impression never to be erased, “You are Mine.”

I am His! It doesn’t matter what comes against me, I am His! It doesn’t matter how big the fight, I am His! When the dark clouds roll in, I am His! When the obstacles become closer together, I am His! When the challenges arise and threaten to swallow me, I am His! I belong to Him and because of that truth I know that I am more than a conqueror because I know He loves me!

Whenever God calls us to something, He is faithful to lead us through it, even through the challenges that come with it! There’s nothing He will ask us to do, or anywhere He will ask us to go that He will not protect and provide for us! He knew ahead of time what challenges we would face as we walked this path with Him. He promises us that He goes before us, that there is nothing to fear, and that He will not leave us {Deuteronomy 31:8}! There’s a promise that not only cushions our feet along the way but carries our heart through whatever may lie before us!

I don’t know what challenges you may be facing today, but friend can I just encourage you with the same words that our Father encouraged me with? You are His! No matter what the challenge ahead may be, or the size of that challenge, You are His and because you are His, You are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you! Not only did God whisper those words to me that day, He wrote them in His word for us to read as often as we needed to in Isaiah 43:1, “….”Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”

We can walk forward together in our challenges knowing that God has paved the way with His love, provision, protection and grace. The enemy can fight us as hard as he wants, but God has given us promise after promise to stand on!

Precious friend, you’re an Overcomer! Challenges will come but because Christ came, we already have the victory! Don’t throw in the towel, and don’t give up! Just keep trusting because you are His!