God’s Greatness at Youth Camp

948aIn the dark of night, standing on the shore with my feet in the sand and feeling the breeze blow gently upon my face, my heart stood still, if even for a moment as I gazed at God’s greatness all around me. No, this sweet moment wasn’t during a late night walk on the beach, but rather our church group family time at the end of night three of camp.

As I stood listening to our Student Pastor speak so passionately, in tears, to our youth about the great need for this generation to stand up, love one another, and how the time is right now to make a difference because we don’t know when our time here will be up, I basked in God’s perfect timing and working of His hands all around me.

I see, not what our future is, but what our now is, standing before me and I see God’s hands touching their hearts and love rising in the breeze that was embracing face after face, as hands reached out to others. In a time of my life where many things may be uncertain, God’s hand at work has never been more certain!

Lives are being molded and changed one by one, yet two by two, and my prayer is these teens won’t leave behind all that God is doing in their lives and all that He wants to do when they leave this camp and return home to their schools, homes, and jobs!

God’s Presence is always with us and tonight His sweet presence filled the salty air, and blew straight into my soul, and I believe the souls of many teenagers!

Truth ushers in at Student Life Youth Camp

ushers inIt’s like God was speaking directly into the gaping holes that had been left in my heart. I came to camp this week as a leader to a group of teenagers from my church, and as I stepped into the arena to engage in worship and hear the message that God has been feeding into the heart and spirit of the speaker for months I am sure, I immediately felt God’s presence usher in to my heart, growing with each step.

Every word that was spoken and every lyric of love and worship that was sung, trickled from my ears to my heart, and finally fell so freshly on my soul leaving a path of his fingerprints to never be erased. The very struggles, fears, doubts, and lies that have been plaguing my mind had made their way into the deepest, most inner parts of my God designed soul, and left me in a fragile place that can so very easily lead my heart away from my Father’s dreams and plans.

Why had I let the enemy lie to me for so long, this I couldn’t understand. But my Faithful Father spoke to me in such a gentle voice last night that has resurrected truth yet again where lies and deceitfulness had tried to live. I walked out those double doors with a tear stained face, but with the fullness of Christ. I felt the doors of my heart open to rush out the work of the father of lies and stream in the love and truth of my Father, who is faithful and never failing.

With this being only day one of camp, I find my spirit jumping in excitement of what the Holy Spirit is going to breakthrough next, not only in my life, but in the life of these teens!