Running with the Truth

With my earphones all tucked in my ears, I was running on my elliptical the other day, and as I ran, something came to my mind…..

When I workout I have to have music, no doubt about it! I am a very music motivated person, and I feel like I have to have music playing no matter what I’m doing, but a workout without music would be like a day with no sunshine in my heart! I have changed even my workout music to my worship music, talking about motivation to run because when I worship, I get excited!! My elliptical has an MP3 hookup with speakers, and I thought just for a moment about taking the earphones out and hooking it up there so I could be more “free” from all the wires, and I decided not to because when I didn’t have my earphones in, I could hear the sound of the elliptical. No big deal right, except for when I hear that sound it instantly reminds me that I’m not just worshipping but exercising! Total mind freak out here! Then it hit me…

It hit me that what bothered me most about that was the fact that I could hear “the noise” rather than my worship music, and it somehow changes the whole outlook on my workout, and seemed to change my desire to workout! I paused for just a moment while these thoughts went a little deeper into my heart, and all at once it was like a fresh breeze of air just blew right into my soul!

When we have God’s word in our heart, it always makes its way into our ears because it becomes what we hear over everything. When we don’t dig into his word and hide it in our heart we are taking the earplugs out, and what we begin to hear more is noise, the noise of the world, and the noise of the lies of the enemy. Hiding God’s word in our heart keeps us more connected to Him, and when we’re more connected to Him we are actually more free than if we go “wireless” because we hear His voice over all others and He truly sets us free!

Gods word is full of truths, truths that change our whole outlook on life, on our trials, every storm we face, and any circumstance that comes our way! Keeping connected to Him through His word changes our desires in life. We find ourselves wanting more of God and less of the world, more of what He has to offer, and less of the empty promises of the world! We’re not just living life when we keep God’s word closely treasured in our hearts, we begin to live a life of worship, continual worship! Let the light of His word remind you daily that you’re not just doing life, but living a life for Him, a life of never ending worship!

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” Psalm 119:11

God’s loving message

In the past week or so I have been having some feelings that I haven’t had in quite some time. Feelings that go all the way back to my childhood. Some of you know the circumstances that David and I are facing in the coming days and because of those circumstances I have been on a “search”. It actually started last year, but was quickly put on hold due to Carrie’s health. As circumstances arose in May, and confirmed in July, it started me searching again….

These feelings came back during the beginning of my search, feelings of being overlooked, rejected, unqualified, and forgotten. They have weighed very heavy on my heart and the enemy has certainly been using them as weapons against me! Feelings that brought tears to my eyes on many days! These feelings came not only from this search but several different situations in my life.

I have spending quite a bit of time in prayer asking God to help me deal with these feelings, help me to see myself through His eyes and not the worlds, and asking Him how did He want to affirm me in these areas. We’ll today I got quite a message!! I have been reading a book and in my down time today at work I picked up my book, instead of my nook, lol, and started reading. The message was there on the 2nd page! She’s talking about the story of David and Goliath, but not in a way that I have ever looked at that story!

Samuel had been sent by God to see Jesse’s sons to find a new king. Samuel had instructed Jesse to bring forth all of his sons. After Samuel had seen them all the sons, none of which were to be the future king, Samuel asked Jesse if this was all of his sons. Jesse then answered all but my youngest who is in the fields tending to the sheep. Strange that Jesse didn’t bring all of his sons as he was asked! David was totally overlooked!

And here’s the paragraph that brought tears to my eyes and spoke VOLUMES to my heart and my soul!!
“That David was not even brought before Samuel gives us critical evidence about David’s position in his family. He was overlooked by everyone. Overlooked by everyone, but handpicked by God.” (Ahhhhh, I wanted to stand and shout!)

“Just understanding this one fact about David could positively change a person’s outlook on life! How many of us have let the entire scope of how God could use us in life be tainted by the hurt of being overlooked by others? Being overlooked and rejected by people does not equate to being overlooked and rejected by God. Often it means exactly the opposite!” (Ahhhhh, I know all of this but it was like a cloud had been lifted from my eyes and my heart!)

This all meant so much to me! God was speaking directly to me through this! I had never looked at this story like this before! And this last paragraph said so much to me…”As soon as David was brought in from the field, God confirmed to Samuel that David would be the future king. He didn’t look like a king, he wasn’t positioned like a king, and he certainly didn’t smell like a king, but something about his heart made David the chosen one.”

When it’s all right, just the way God wants it for my life, I will be the chosen one! The world may not see in me what my God sees in me, and that’s okay, but when it’s time for them to see it, God will show them and He will position me exactly where He wants me doing exactly what He wants me to do! The world’s rejection of me, and how they choose to overlook me, is a weapon that has been formed against me, but shall not remain! (Isaiah 54:17)