Thankful for God, Our Healer

Reflecting on my blessings this year, Wow, where do I even begin as the tears have already started to fall! My God has been so incredibly good to us! I know that we don’t deserve any of it but He sure has poured out His blessings on us! Looking back over the year and the last couple of years I have to say I am so thankful for God being our Healer! The beginning of the year didn’t start off to well for us. During the last of January my daughter got sick with a terrible virus that was flu like, and I recall saying I have never seen her so sick before. Two weeks later she comes to me saying she couldn’t breathe, only for us to find out that her right lung had completely collapsed and it led us to an ambulance on our way to Charlotte. We didn’t feel too comfortable leaving that hospital because nothing had really been accomplished, no reasons, no explanations. We prayed and we prayed this entire time for complete and total healing of her lung! We were holding onto our faith!

Three weeks later, I see that same look on her face and hear those same words from her, and my heart sank. Once again we found ourselves in the back of that ambulance again, only this time to find ourselves staying there for 9 days which included a lung surgery. I know that this was the answer to my prayers that I had prayed. I asked God for complete healing and restoration of her lung, and this is what had to happen in order for that to happen. They found the reason, they cut it out, and fixed her up by God’s grace and guiding hands. Through that hospital stay and that path that we walked down with God guiding us, we learned alot! We are so thankful for God’s healing touch on our daughters lungs, and on her body! We are so thankful that He used her to speak to everyone around her. She shined so brightly for Him in there and Mom and Dad was so proud! She held onto every ounce of faith she had knowing that God was going to heal her and take care of her and she shared that with all the doctors and nurses and everyone who came to visit! What a blessing!

You see, when we face trials in our lives, they won’t go to waste! God will use every single thing we face for a purpose, for His plan for His glory! We have seen so much good come out of this path that we walked down! We have seen lives saved, hearts turned around, eyes opened, hearts opened, lives changed, faith grow stronger, relationships heal, and I know God still isn’t done using her story for His glory! I am so thankful and grateful for His healing hand and for how He has worked everything out! It wasn’t easy when we were going through it but we knew that God was in control and that He had a plan and we trusted that plan! We’ve seen God do way too much in our lives to doubt His unfailing, neverending love! We didn’t know what His will was in this situation, that was the scary part, but we knew that He was always in control!

I am thankful for all the healing He has done in our lives, in our hearts, in our marriage, in our family! I could tell you stories on top of stories about how He has been such a healer in our lives! If you only knew where we’ve been, what we’ve been through, and what we’ve faced, you would totally understand why we can never ever stop praising His name, sharing His love, and talking about Him all the time! He is too good, and He has done too much! Our lips will forever praise His name!