Radiation, the only true way to heal

It’s a word that when we hear it, it has the power to make us stop in our tracks,make us think twice about everything in our lives, make us realize what we have, makes us think how important it is to live our lives as if each day was our last. This word affects many people all around us, and many of us have lost someone we love to this word. What is it? Cancer. When we hear that word our minds automatically think about the awful evil disease that infects the bodies of those that we love and in some cases slowly takes them away from us. I know how devastating it can be, I have lost loved ones to it, and I have watched my mother in law survive Breast Cancer after fighting a long hard battle with chemo and radiation, my very own mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer & God healed her after radiation treatments. Some that have been attacked by cancer get very sick from this invasion of their body, and some are blessed enough to be able to live a pretty normal day to day life with it while fighting. It’s nothing that any of us want, that we desire, or to have to fight.

As I started thinking about cancer, something else came to my mind. A different type of cancer that can invade & attack us each and everyday, makes us fight everyday of our lives to heal & defeat it, that can slowly destroy us and take us away from those we love, only this type of cancer doesn’t respond to chemotherapy only radiation. This type of cancer goes by many different names that most of us can recognize, some of those names are: Unforgiveness, Jealousy, Hatred, Spitefulness, Anger, Resentment, Hurt, Misery, Abandonment, and those are just to name a few. You’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about and how can I compare these kinds of issues to the life threatening cancer. In their own ways, they are all a cancer that is life threatening to those who are dealing with them.

One of the definitions of cancer is something evil or malignant that spreads destructively. Each of the “cancers” I mentioned earlier fits this defintion. We don’t realize what kind of destruction these things can cause in our lives, and not only our lives, but those around us. When we harbor resentment, jealousy, bitterness, or anger, any of these types of emotions, and we don’t get the proper treatment for them, they slowly eat away at us on the inside, until one day there’s nothing left to eat away at. As each passing day goes by, we allow these cancers to destroy us, who we are, who we were meant to be, who we have the potential to be. These cancers cause you to close yourself off from others, allow only distant relationships, hurt those around you, reflect your feelings upon those who mean the most to you, and see things in a way that doesn’t benefit anyone including yourself. You have no hope inside of you while you’re fighting, you feel as if you’re fighting a losing battle day in and day out. It never seems to get any easier, you never seem to heal, and the destruction continues to spread until it not only destroys you, but everyone that you love as well.

Radiation is the only treatment there is, Radiation that comes from one source and only one source, not a natural source but a supernatural source, The Son!! God tells us over and over that He is the way, the truth and the life, and that there is no other way! So any treatments that we try to give ourselves won’t help, not isolation, not drugs, not alcohol, not any kind of lifestyle or behavior. The only way to be healed of these cancers is radiation of God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance of His mercy & grace. This isn’t a treatment you can take once a week, or once a month, or even once a year, this is a treatment that you have to take daily doses of if you want to be healed and become you again! Psalm 107:20 tells us that that “He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destructions.”

When we allow ourselves to remain sick and deny the fact that there is a problem, a sickness within us, and then we deny help or treatment, we are not just making a decision that affects us, we are making a choice that affects everyone in our lives, everyone who cares about us, who loves us. You may think there’s nothing wrong, and most of the time you will feel as if it’s everyone else and not you, that someone has changed, that someone has moved on without you, that someone isn’t treating you the way you feel you should be treated, or that someone just doesn’t understand you. Some of these things may be true, but sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves why? Why has someone moved on without me? Why has someone stopped treating me the way I feel I should be treated? Why doesn’t someone understand me and how I choose to live? With every ounce of unforgiveness that we hold in our hearts comes a gallon of love dying to get out and break through. We think that if we forgive someone for something they may have done to us or said about us that we are telling them it’s okay to have done so, but that’s not the case. It’s a matter of loving the way God commands us to love. Nobody is perfect and I can just about bet that you have done something to someone that proves that statement.
When we allow any of these cancers to take root within us and it spreads, and it will spread, it will destruct what God has created. It will destruct every single relationship that we have in our lives in a matter of time, it will single us out away from everyone who loves us and cares about us, it will push away those who matter the most, it will drawn in sickness, pain, turmoil, and depression.

Allow God to interupt your life today! Allow him to give you the radiation you need to heal you of all these cancers that have spreaded within your heart like wildfire and destroying what God has created, what God desires for you! Stop resisting the fight today! Psalm 147:3 says, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, Great is our Lord and mighty in power.”Letting go and letting God radiate in your heart and in your mind will be the best decision that you have ever made in your life. True healing will finally begin as you let God work within you, and let Him start removing everything that has spreaded within you that doesn’t belong there. It can be done and you can do it! If there is something that needs to be said, say it, but say it to God in prayer before saying anything to anyone else, because everything that needs to come out first, is what should be said between you and God. Allowing him to take the lead and guide you will allow you to truly be free from this terminal ailment that has invaded you.

So what is the cancer that you have to start fighting today within you? Is it jealousy towards someone for something they may have that you desire, or that you feel has left you behind? Is it unforgiveness towards someone that has hurt you? Is it anger at someone who mistreated you and maybe caused problems for you? Is it resentment towards someone? Is it hurt that you have allowed to fester inside your heart from a broken relationship, or injustice? Whatever it is today, give it it’s rightful name, and go to the Great Physician immediately for Radiation Therapy, His emergency room is always open, and there’s never a line to wait in, He takes you straight to therapy and begins to heal you! Jeremiah 30:17 tells us “For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds.” The healing process may not be what you want it to be, because it’s not bandaid therapy that you just cover up the wounds and hope they go away, He opens them up along with you, and examines them with you, and together you work on the right treatment it will take to heal that cancer for good, and for you to be in remission from this day forward! Don’t keep fighting this battle on your own, you won’t win, you CAN’T win, He is the only way to heal and move forward. You will be amazed at how life can be once you allow God to radiate in you! Happiness can be yours again, true happiness, not artifical happiness! So I leave with you John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full.”

Don’t let the thief still your life and joy and happiness any longer, surrender today and let God bring you your full life of joy and true happiness!


Growto increase in size by a natural process; to expand/gain; to develop and reach maturity; to be capable of growth; to thrive; come into existence; take form or shape

As I studied the meaning of growth, I had quite a few revelations that I believe God laid on my heart for me to see. The word grow can have many different meanings, however, the ones that spoke most to me were these:

Growto raise; to allow something to develop or increase by a natural process; to develop as to become; to develop or change; to become gradually more pleasurable or acceptable to; to become an adult; to develop or come into existence from

In the last several weeks I have watched my daughter who is 10 grow and change. To be quite honest, it hasn’t been easy on mom’s eyes or heart! It seems as if just yesterday she was but yet this small baby cradled in my arms who depended on me for every detail in life, and now, here she is talking for herself, thinking for herself, making decisions for herself! I find myself sometimes thinking, does she really need me anymore? It is increasingly difficult for a mother to realize her child is growing up and may not need her as much as they used to. I have often thought and wondered is this the beginning of the end as “Mommy”. As Moms, we are afraid to let our children grow because we fear that they won’t need us or want us around anymore. More often we are afraid of releasing them into the world where we can’t always protect them from the pains of this life. I know that personally, if I had a way of doing it, I would want to put my little girl in a bubble and protect her! I want to put a padlock on her little tender heart to keep her from being hurt and having her heart broken. I want to keep her sheltered from all the evil there is out there! Truth be known, I can’t do that. It’s just not possible. But I know One who can protect her, and be her shelter, and that’s God! Although she will still have broken hearts, hurt feelings, disappointments, feel discouraged, discover the pain of a friend placing a knife in your back, or someone you love leaving this world, I still know that God is right there with her, and He can mend her broken heart, He can heal her hurt feelings, He can encourage her, He can lift her up, He can heal relationships, and He can comfort her during a time of loss. I am realizing that during this time of growth, this new stage in her life, that I am having to let go little by little and release her into the hands of the Father. It takes alot of trust and faith on my part, but I know that God can take better care of her than I can!

I have to explained to my daughter that I am always Mom first, because that it the job that God has given me, and I must always do my job the way He wants it done. However, I always want her to know that she can come talk to me about anything that she may be dealing with, going through, experiencing, her fears, her excitements, everything! I believe that within that job description that God gave to me is that it’s more than simply providing food, shelter, and clothing, it’s also for the emotional and social well being for the child, as well as nurturing their souls and spirtual well being. Parenting goes through stages just as that child grows through stages. As a mother I must also move from protecting her from bad people and physical harm to protecting her from the evil one and from a world view that God leaves out, and moving from primarily focusing on her behavior to primarily focusing on her heart! As probably one of the more important things we must change as a parent we must move from telling them what to do to showing them how through our own example.

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 tells us: These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.

I always want my daughter to know I am here to talk with her, to listen, to guide her, to lead her. I don’t want her to be afraid to come to me about anything that she is dealing with. I must as a parent, keep those communication lines open. There will be times I will want to jump in and fix things for her, when I want to make things okay for her, when I will want to defend her in her battles that she faces, but as she grows I know that I have to give her the space she needs to grow. I won’t always be there to do those things for her, and I would only be hurting her in the long run if I do those things now, and not allow her to learn those types of skills herself. In order to grow, she must have that room around her to expand into who God wants her to be. I must be active in her life, very active as a parent, but I have to allow her the room to grow.

The most important job I have a mother is be an example for my daughter, I can’t just talk to her and tell her how she should live her life, what is right or what is wrong, I must be a living example and live what I’m teaching. Children won’t always do what you say, but they never fail to repeat what they have seen. I haven’t always been a perfect example for my daughter, actually, I’ve never been a “perfect” example because that would mean that I’m perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect person, we all fall short. So rather I should say I haven’t always been the example that I should have been, one that would be pleasing to God. I choose not to focus on that point, I choose to focus that in the last two years God has made changes in my life, in my heart, deep within me, and I believe that I am doing a much better job now. I don’t expect my daughter to be anything other than what I have taught her. A parent is the most influential person in a childs life rather we realize that or not. Their eyes are always upon us to see how we handle things in life, how we speak, how we live, what is acceptable to us is acceptable in their eyes. So it’s imperative that what is acceptable to us is what’s acceptable and expected by God. We must remember that there will be a day that we ourselves stand before God and answer for what we have taught our children, and I for one don’t want to have to answer for teaching my daughter that the ways of the world are okay to live by when I know they are not. I want my daughter to understand that the words that come from her mouth speak either life or death, and to realize how powerful the tongue is, and I want her to choose to use that power for speaking good, positive, and love the way God would choose for her to.

For real growth to happen and to take place the way it should, we have to be open to what it takes to grow. We don’t always welcome growth with open arms, we whine, we complain, we fuss, we rebel. With each of those reactions, it can be good or it can be not so good. God knows and understands that we’re human and that we’re going to respond those ways, but He still expects us to be in line with His ways and standards for our lives, so it’s not a free excuse to go and live any way that we choose to live and rebel against Him. Our growth experiences can depend alot on how we’re living our lives, if we are far out of God’s will, and being stubborn, God knows what it will take to get our attention and bring us back to Him, therefore it may be an experience that is painful, hard, or very challenging. God sees the big picture of our lives that we can’t see, and He always knows what’s best for us.

Along with growth comes change, and for many of us this is where we bulk up and start saying no, I don’t want this. We become afraid of change, we want things to stay the same. As I was talking earlier about my daughter, there are times I wish she could stay that little girl, but because there’s nothing I can do about her growing up and changing, I get to see that I really do enjoy her growing up and changing. It adds something new and refreshing to our relationship and to our family. Change has to take place as we grow, we can’t grow and remain the same as we were before. It’s just not possible. I think sometimes we jump in that ring and fight with God when it comes to the changes that need to take place in our lives. We don’t want to change our habits, our behaviors, our words, our actions, our friends, the places we go, the things we do. We want to be blessed in our lives, we want good things to happen to us and for us to be happy and live a joyful life, but we can’t expect that kind of life while we’re living in ways that we know we shouldn’t. This will be a fight you always fight if you don’t just surrender and let God have control in your life. I am glad that I let God have control of my life, it may not always be sunshine, but I gladly take the rain that comes along so that I can see the beautiful rainbows that God allows me to see for living in His will.

My ultimate prayer as a parent is to allow my daughter to grow, not to hinder her growth in any way. Her growth in God that is, and in order to do that I must stand and be the mother that I promised God I would be and that He trusted me to be. The mother that has morals, values, and standards, those that God has. While that might not always be the most popular thing with her as she goes through the different stages in her life, I know that there will be a day when she grows up, truly “grows” up and matures, that she will stand and thank me for doing just that. A child of any age needs to know they are loved and wanted, and part of loving that child means loving them enough to say no when no needs to be the answer, to say yes, when that needs to be the answer, and realize that even if at the very moment she thinks I hate her, she will realize that I love her with all my heart. I don’t take being a mom lightly, because no mom should, it’s not a “light” job. It’s a huge job with huge responsibility, and I will answer for the job that I did one day, and I want to hear my Father tell me that I did a good job, and that will show the growth in me!