Winds of Change

There’s one thing in life that we can be sure that will always take place, without a shadow of a doubt, without hesitation, without thought, effort, or hard work, and that’s CHANGE.

Is Change is a good thing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I think it all depends. Is it what we always want to happen, usually no. Change is scary because it brings with it the fear of the unknown. We get used to things just the way they are, we like it, we’re comfortable with it, we like the way things are going, or sometimes maybe we don’t, but we still don’t want things to change because we don’t know if it will be a good change or a bad change. Sometimes we do want change, or we think we do. The fact is, we don’t know what will happen if something changes.

The one thing about change is it forces things to happen, it forces movement, it forces the wheels to get out of the mud and get back on the road, to get back on the journey. Whether it’s things we want to happen or not, it does, and it doesn’t wait on us to want it, it doesn’t wait on us to be ready for it, it more or less forces us to be ready. I’ll be the first to tell you, I don’t like change. I am a very routine person and if one thing gets out of order, it throws me completely out of balance! I like things to stay the way they are when it’s going good, when it’s working for me, but I have to be honest, even when it’s not though, I don’t like change to happen either, because of that good old fear of the unknown. But I’ve had a lot of change in my life in the last few years in alot of different ways. Some were easier to handle than others, none the less, I had do handle them all.

The weight loss, a welcome change! I’m not going to lie, it was scary to begin with. I had to do something that I was always afraid to do, I had to make alot of changes happen in my life in order to make the weight loss happen, I had to deal with deep seeded feelings and issues that I had pushed back over the years. But in the end, I broke out of this shell, this shell I was hiding inside of for years for so many different reasons. It’s like coming out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly! I liked myself much better afterwards. All the feelings I had to deal with, now that wasn’t such a welcome change, but I knew that had to take place in order to get the outcome that I wanted. Sometimes we do have to deal with feelings and issues that we don’t want to in order to reach our destiny. It’s part of the journey, not our favorite part, not the scenic part of the trip, but if its going to get you where you want to be, isn’t it worth it?? I thought it was.

Some of the changes I have had to go through in the last year, it wasn’t anything that I WANTED to go through but God told me that I NEEDED to go through them. I have to say of all the changes that I have had to deal with, these were the hardest. They weren’t only the hardest, but so private that I won’t even share those here. I know you can respect that because I know that you also have those kinds of things take place in your life. Sometimes we do need to go through changes. It’s like you have to be pruned so that you can start growing in a healthy, beautiful way again. Change often brings heartache, tears, pain, memories, smiles, laughter, it can bring emotions from both sides of the fence with it. I know you’ve heard the old saying before, “If you want to see a rainbow, you have to have the rain first”. We’ll I hate to say it but it’s true. Sometimes we have to go through those storms of change, sometimes one right after the other, in order to see the rainbow and I can say that after the storms of change, you always see a rainbow. Although, it kinda does depend on the person. If you are a positive person and choose to see the positive side of things even in the midst of shaky ground, then you’ll see the rainbow, eventually. Maybe not right away, but once the storm clouds completely clear, you’ll see the rainbow. If you’re a negative person, who chooses to stay in that negative state of mind, you’ll only keep seeing cloudy skies afterwards. Your attitude, and the way you choose to see things, does affect you. Me, personally, I always look for the good things that come from a bad situation.

I could have sat here and sulked about all the changes that have taken place in my life, but what good would that have done? None! Through all of the changes that have taken place in my life, I can tell you at least 3 good things that came from every one. But I tell you a secret of mine, and I think it plays a huge part in how that happens. You see, I give it all to God. I let Him lead me, and I let Him that the bad things that may happen, and make good things happen out of them. I know that’s what He wants for me, I know that’s what His plan is through it all anyway. There are no accidents in life, sorry I don’t believe in that. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Now don’t go get me wrong, I’m not saying God makes bad things happen in our lives. We do that to ourselves people. He allows things happen to us for a reason. He may be trying to get our attention for some reason, He may be trying to teach us something, He may be using us to witness to someone else, He may be getting the attention of someone close in our lives. But I can just about bet ya, that even if that’s the case, He’s trying to do something in your life as well! God knows whats going to happen in our lives because He knows how we are living our lives, and what we’re going to do and what we’re not going to do. God will promote you with what is meant to destroy you. But you have to let Him.

I have turned my opinion about change around in a different direction. I see now that there are good things that suffering can bring, through God. I see now that He will protect His children through the worse of situations. I see that He will allow things to happen to get our attention all while healing so many different relationships in our life all at once, through one situation. I see how He can change peoples hearts. I see how powerful His words are, how powerful His compassion is, how powerful His forgiveness is.

I chose to listen to God through the changes that were coming in my life. Changes that if I would have had control, never would have happened. But here’s the beauty of it all, I didn’t have control, God did, and I’m forever grateful that He did, because I would have missed out on some of the best things ever that has happened in my life in the last year through these changes that God allowed to take place. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for them! I chose to hear God talking to me, to feel God pressing on my heart, rather than believing with my eyes, rather than listening to my mind and horrible thoughts, rather than listening to other people who only wanted to hurt and destroy. I chose to believe God, to trust God, to depend on God, to lean on God, and because I did that, miracles have happened in my life!

So you see, Change can be a good thing. You have to not be so afraid, and trust God. You have to learn to be ready, to hold on, to have an open mind and an open heart and believe that God isn’t going to lead you astray. But here’s the catch, you better make sure that you are in Gods will with any change that you try and make happen. Don’t get confused with what YOU want to change, what YOU want to happen, what YOU want to take place, be sure, 100% sure, that it’s GOD making it happen, and it’s what GOD wants in your life, don’t try and control it all yourself, let GOD be in control, that’s when change is good!


We live our lives day to day, not perfectly of course, none of us are perfect. But we do things we know we shouldn’t do, we say things we know we shouldn’t say, we act in ways we know we shouldn’t act, forever whatever reason, we keep doing these things. We often don’t think about who we are hurting in the process, who’s watching us, who’s listening to us, how our actions and words may affect others around us. But you know, I’m a Christian, and I try to live my life right, again, I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be, but I do try to live by the bible in the ways that I know I should. I fall short many days, and every day without fail when I pray, I ask God to forgive me. He does, each and every time, He forgives me. Why? Because He loves me! We don’t stop and think that we hurt Him by the way we behave or speak, we just do it, ask for forgiveness and go on. I never realized how awesome His forgiveness is. But I know now. He has filled me with His forgiveness and His compassion in some situations in my life that I had prayed and asked for. To feel His forgiveness in my heart, it was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, it’s beyond human comprehension! God forgives us everyday hundred of times a day for the stupid things we do or say. Here we are walking around on this earth acting like it’s such a huge thing to forgive someone for something they did to us! How dare us?? He gave His son for us on the cross so that we didn’t have to suffer for our sins! He forgives us just like that! He doesn’t yell at us, He doesn’t fuss at us, He doesn’t hold it over our heads, He doesn’t throw it back in our face, He doesn’t rub it in, He doesn’t punish us over and over for it. He forgives and moves past it! We could learn alot from Him! When someone does something to us to hurt us, we act like it’s such a huge thing to forgive one another, we try and make this person pay over and over, we throw things back into their face and make them feel guilty for it, we hang it over their heads. Where would we be if God did that to us? Every one of us sins, there is no one on this earth that’s so perfect that they don’t sin! I for one am eternally grateful for Gods forgiveness and His mercy on me!

Forgiveness isn’t saying it’s okay to be a doormat to someone. It’s not saying that what someone done to you doesn’t matter, or that it didn’t hurt you, break you, or devastate you. It’s just saying that you are giving up the right to punish that person for it. Everyone says they can forgive but not forget. We’ll if you truly forgive, you’ll eventually forget. It’s a good thing that God forgets what you do when you sin against Him, because if He didn’t, where would you be today??? You may not be able to forget every little detail about something that someone did to you, but you’ll forget to the point that you don’t constantly remind that person of it, that you don’t hold it over their head and punish them day in and day out for something they did.

All I’m saying is, there will come a day when you’ll need to be forgiven by someone for something you did to them as well. Would you hope that person handles it the way you have or better? Remember how easily God forgives us each and everyday for every single sin we commit against Him. We can learn alot by living the way He does!